Thank you for your interest in the AIS e-Board. These leadership positions are very influential on the community of students in the MIS program and incredibly important to the success of AIS. The selections are not made lightly.

On this page, you will find the application questions that are required for all applicants, as well as specific prompts for each team (please see the following organization chart for the roles on each team). Some teams contain multiple positions, and an application to that team will be considered for all positions. A decision will be made based upon each applicant’s strengths and experience.

Positions open to applications

  • President

  • Vice President

    • Chair of Finance and Reporting

  • Director of Community Engagement

    • Chair of Scholarship

    • Chair of Mentorship

    • Chair of Outreach

  • Director of Events

    • Chair of Community Service

  • Director of Corporate Relations

    • Chair of External Events

  • Director of Public Relations

    • Chair of Social Media

    • Chair of Design

    • Chair of Photography

  • Director of Information Technology

  • Director of Professional Development


Complete the fields below for all applicants as well as the prompts of the team you would like to apply to. Applications will be considered for all roles on that team.

You may submit applications to multiple teams. In that case, please complete both team’s prompts in the same document and submit at one time. We take your position selection as a preference and will work with you to find a fitting role in the board, even if its one you did not apply to.

Submit your answers to all the basic questions, role specific questions, and your resume in a PDF to templeaiseboardapps@gmail.com by January 14th.

Basic Questions

  • What is your full name?

  • What is your TUID

  • Current class year?

  • e-Portfolio Link?

  • What are your extracurricular activities (high school to current)?

  • What can we find you doing outside of going to classes/homework?


  • Who are the stakeholders of AIS and why is each critical to the organization?

  • How do you plan to keep track of all AIS activities?

  • Describe your vision for AIS for the next 5 years.

Vice President

  • Please complete this case study regarding attendance records.

  • Please complete this case study regarding the organization’s financial reporting.

  • Explain the differences between realized and budgeted revenues. How might the timing of cash inflows affect the planning and operations of an organization?

  • What qualifies you to handle a large student organization’s budget?

Public Relations

  • Create a sample schedule for 1 month of posts on Facebook and Instagram. Assume there are 2 people in charge of posts and create a management platform for them to reference for what to post and when. Create your own post details to include what you feel would be important to share.

  • Create a graphic for our upcoming Speaker Series with Jeff Bezos on September 30th. He will be speaking about e-Commerce.

  • What is your favorite clothing brand? What does their social media presence look like? What do you like or dislike about it?

Information Technology

  • Create a proposal for a Technical Development meeting and workshop (Friday and Saturday). This should include the topic idea, hands-on workshop concept, and potential speakers (include LinkedIn Profile). What activity would the Saturday workshop consist of and how would you create a plan for what will be covered?

  • What are the qualities of a successful webmaster? Do you have those qualities?

  • AIS would like to invite Jody Davids, CIO of PepsiCo, to a Speaker Series meeting in the fall. Draft and e-mail inviting her to speak at an upcoming meeting.

  • Create a list of three topic ideas for the Speaker Series with potential speakers (include LinkedIn Profile).

  • Create a proposal for our next external event. Include topic, potential speakers (include LinkedIn Profile), format and schedule.

  • Describe the importance of AIS to IBIT and vice versa.

Corporate Relations

Professional Development

  • Create a list of three topic ideas for Professional Development workshops with potential speakers (include LinkedIn Profile).

  • Why is organization and transparency important in a large student organization?


  • Propose a new social event idea that would engage students, faculty and alumni, including the benefit each party would receive from attending.

  • Propose a new community service event for AIS members

  • Draft a budget for one semester of social events. The total budget is $4,000 and there should be 3 major events. List events and how you estimate the costs.

Community Engagement

  • Describe the benefits of alumni to AIS and vice versa.

  • Describe the benefits of the AIS scholarship.

  • What do you see as a successful part of the mentorship program so far and what improvements would you make going forward?