AIS Scholarship application

The AIS scholarship program is designed to recognize and appreciate exceptional AIS members. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded annually to an underclassmen and an upperclassman of AIS who have demonstrated outstanding involvement in AIS and have high potential for success in the field of Information Systems.

Applications are now closed.

- Juniors
- Seniors currently enrolled in ITACS
(graduation year from 4+1 in 2020)

Essay Questions:
1)How have AIS and MIS impacted your professional and academic growth? 2)Describe experiences that have led you to have an interest in MIS?

- Freshman
- Sophomores

Essay Questions:
1) In what ways have AIS and MIS affected your future aspirations? 2) What are your career goals and how has AIS shaped your goals?


Those who meet all criteria listed above are encouraged to apply for the scholarship. When completing your application, please ensure you complete the essay prompt for the scholarship that you qualify for depending on class standing or you will not be considered.


The MIS department will validate information regarding applicant GPA to protect student privacy. In order to have an unbiased selection of a recipient, the Chair of the Scholarship Program (not in the selection group), will remove all identity-revealing information from the candidates applications. The scholarship recipients will be screened by a small committee (5) of AIS eboard members overseen by a faculty advisor and final selections will be conducted by a panel consisting of faculty and current and future AIS Presidents and Vice Presidents. The final decision for scholarship recipients will be announced at the Spring 2019 IT Awards.

Learn more about the process here.