The AIS scholarship program is designed to recognize and appreciate exceptional AIS members. Two $1,000 scholarships will be offered annually to an underclassmen and an upperclassman of AIS who have demonstrated outstanding involvement in AIS and have high potential for success in the field of Information Systems. An aim of this scholarship will be to encourage recipients of the award to become engaged alumni of AIS in the future. Currently, we have raised $2,200 for the Scholarship fund. Our goal is to reach $4,000 by the end of 2019 spring semester. The scholarship application will go live in January of 2019. This proposal provides the foundational plan for the scholarship program.



MIS major
Cumulative GPA 3.3+
Applicant on track in PRO Points for their class standing
- “On track” as defined on Community page dashboard Active AIS member for 2 semesters
(includes current)
-  Paid dues for both semesters
-  Received credit for at least one of the tracks previous semester


-  Current AIS executive board and future President and Vice President are not eligible for scholarship
-  Students can only win the AIS Scholarship once in their time at Temple
-  If no eligible applicants are identified, AIS reserves the ability to not offer a
Scholarship that school year and hold the money for the following year.

Underclassmen Scholarship:
- Freshman
- Sophomores

Upperclassmen Scholarship:
- Juniors
- Seniors currently enrolled in ITACS (only seniors in masters program, graduating in 2020)


The application will be a google form. Applicants will be required to provide:

-  Full Name
-  Graduation Year
-  Email Address
-  e-Portfolio Link
-  Check off box confirming on track for their class standing in PRO Points
- To be verified by department during preliminary screening of candidates
- Check off box confirming their cumulative GPA meets the 3.5+ criteria
- To be verified by department during preliminary screening of candidates

-  Resume
-  300 word essay submission answering assigned prompt

Proposed prompts for underclassmen: (choose one)

-  In what ways have AIS and MIS affected your future aspirations?
-  What are your career goals and how has AIS shaped your goals?

Proposed prompts for upperclassmen: (choose one)

-  How have AIS and MIS impacted your professional and academic growth?
-  Describe experiences that have lead you to have an interest in MIS?


In order to have an unbiased selection of a recipient, the Chair of the Scholarship Program, Keerthana Rachamadugu (not in the selection group), will remove all identity-revealing information from the candidates applications. The scholarship recipients will be screened by a small committee (5) of AIS eboard members, overseen by a faculty advisor to ensure the anonymity and fairness of this process. Final selections will be conducted by a panel consisting of faculty and current and future Presidents and Vice Presidents. The selections will be finalized in March of 2019. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the IT Awards. The selection process will be published on the website scholarship pages and outlined in the application to ensure transparency regarding the selection. Current AIS executive board and future President and Vice President are not eligible for the scholarship.

Initial Committee

  1. Faculty Overseer - Professor Min-Seok

  2. Justin Kish, President

  3. Cara Evans, Vice President

  4. Chinmay Muttur, Chair of Reporting and Finance

  5. Sophie Alvarez, Director of Community Engagement

  6. Ami Parekh, Director of Professional Development

Secondary Committee

  1. Justin Kish, President

  2. Cara Evans, Vice President

  3. President Elect

  4. Vice President Elect

  5. Professor Jeremy Shafer, AIS Faculty Advisor

  6. Professor Konstantin Bauman

  7. Professor Marie-Christine Martin

Selection Process

Preliminary Screening - Handled by Chair of Scholarship

  1.  All applications are received

  2.  Vice President will verify the number of semester the applicant achieved active


  3.  Applicant GPAs and PRO Points will be verified to be a GPA of 3.3+ through

    Jeremy Shafer and Joe Allegra.

  4.  All applications that do not satisfy the criteria outlined above will be discarded

  5.  All identity-revealing information from all applications

  6.  Applications will be given an identifying numbered

  7.  Applications will be distributed to each member of the selection committee

First Round

  1.  Initial selection committee members (named above) will review the short essays and rate on the quality of the essay

  2.  Faculty overseer will ensure the anonymity and fairness of the process

  3.  The selection committee will choose the top 2-3 possible recipients for each

    scholarship and if general agreement is not reached, the resume will be taken into consideration

Second Round

  1.  Deliverables pertaining to the final 4-6 will be given out to the panel members

  2.  The top 4-6 applications will be reviewed during a round table discussion which

    consists of a faculty panel, current AIS President and Vice President, and

    incoming President and Vice President

  3.  The 2018-2019 AIS Scholarship Recipients are chosen


January 10th - Application goes live on AIS website
February 22nd - Applications due by 11:59 PM
March 1st - Confirmations needed by department regarding GPA and PRO Points fulfilled
March 12th - Initial selection meeting
March 15th - Final selection round table meeting
April 11th - Recipients announced at 2019 Fox IT Awards


Scholarship will have its own menu on the website. The scholarship menu will include “Apply”, “Donate”, and “Past Recipients” menu items. The “Apply” page will include a link to the application, information about the criteria and deliverables outlined above, and the selection process.

The “Donate” page will include general information about the AIS scholarship and the donation levels that could be made to receive recognition. Individual donors have 3 levels: Silver ($50-$74), Gold ($75-$99), Platinum ($100 or more). Industry donors will need to donate more than $300 to be recognized. There will be a link to make a donation. The donation form will include a checkbox asking if the contributor would like to be featured as a “Sponsor” on the website. “Sponsors” will include the company names of industry donors who donate more than $300. This will also include the names of individual donors who have donated within the category levels (silver, gold, and platinum). Individuals and companies are not limited to donate solely according to the categories. Sponsors will be placed on the donate page to provide recognition to donors.

The “Past Recipients” page will recognize previous winners of the AIS Scholarship and how they are continuing to progress in the Information Systems field.

Public Relations

With the aim of having a large number of applicants in our first year of offering this scholarship, we will be utilizing our presence on social media. Posts will be made across all platforms encouraging all AIS members to apply if eligible. These posts will span the time before the applications open until they close.