Q: How will AIS help me as an MIS major?

A: AIS was created to help students build connections and network with faculty, alumni, and students in the major and industry. The main goal of AIS is to help its members understand the career opportunities as an MIS major. Furthermore, AIS works directly with students to help build up technical skills that complement the coursework of the MIS program. 


Q: Where is the AIS office located?

A: Speakman 209b

Q: Where do AIS meeting and workshops take place?

A: Alter Hall 033 (Lower Level)


Q: Where can I find the office hours?

A: You can find them here Office Hours 


Q: Where can I learn more about AIS and the students who run it?

A: Check out the About Us and the Executive Board pages


Q: What are the requirements to become an AIS member?

A: To be an active member you have to:



Q: How can I earn Professional Achievement Points with AIS?

A: You can:

  • Complete three tracks and receive 50 points for each track

  • Participate in the Mentorship Program and receive 25 points

  • Host a TDAP workshop to receive 50 points


Q: What are the requirements to receive points?

A: Check out the Requirements page for details


Q: When will my points be updated on my dashboard?

A: If you successfully fulfilled the requirements to receive PRO points, they will appear on your dashboard at the end of the semester.



Q: What are some of the events that I can expect to go to as a member?

A: AIS Tailgate, Draught Horse Social, AIS Social, IT Awards


Q: Where can I find meeting and event dates?

A: There will be posts and updates in Events and Calendar.  As a member of AIS you will also receive two newsletters a week with updates.